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Enjoy a platform that gives you end to end ownership of your business. It’s your car, it’s your time, it’s your business, own it all.


Verified lady riders now have the option of selecting a lady driver to come pick them up and take them to their destination. How cool is that?


Frequently Asked Questions

What is RideMe?

RideMe is a new e-hailing service launched in Lagos on June 15th. RideMe connects drivers with riders giving the riders comfort, style and fair rates while providing the drivers and partners a tool for total business ownership.

At RideMe, we believe happy drivers and partners make happy riders .

What’s the commission structure for RideMe?

RideMe charges zero commission. Say you make N150K per week driving with RideMe, we will not charge you a kobo out of your earnings. You get to keep all you make unlike others that charge you as high as 15% or 25%.

What’s the base fare for RideMe?

Base fare: N300


Wait time charges starts counting after 10 minutes of wait. We charge N9 per minute for waiting time.

Do you accept card payments?

Yes! RideMe accepts card payments. We also pay our drivers on the same day for card trips. No need to haggle riders for cash as you won’t need to wait 7 days to receive your earnings for card trips.

Where can you download the RideMe app?

The RideMe app is available for download on Google Playstore and Apple Appstore.

What are the other benefits for RideMe?

RideMe offers you total business freedom. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. No commission on taxi fares, all you earn is all you get
  2. Pension scheme
  3. Health insurance
  4. Vehicle licence renewal on flexible monthly payment
  5. Same day card payment of taxi fare to driver
  6. Direct payment of Taxi fare from riders using card into driver/partners bank account.
  7. 24 hours loan for vehicle repair, school fees, house rent, domestic issues with repayment plan in 6 months.

What documents are required to drive with RideMe?

You need a valid driver’s license and identification photograph

What kind of cars are accepted on RideMe?

We accept all Sedan and SUVs not later than 2003 model.

Accepted vehicle documents:

  • Vehicle license
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Road worthiness certificate
  • Proof of ownership
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